I am now 30 years old.

365 days ago, I declared that 29 would be the Year of Doing. I decided to run, really run with life. To take in as much as I could, change and grow as much as I could. I was inspired by something Ann Friedman, a good friend and great mentor, wrote about what 29 means for smart women. I set out to make 29 my year of pushing personal boundaries, of being bold and ambitious. Here’s a quick excerpt from a chat with another great colleague from ’round this time last year:

B: is this the big 3-0? you’re not that old, right?
me: nope, the little 2-9. i am making a big commitment. it’s going to be the year of doing.
B: whoa.  i like that. that deserves some caps, tho. The Year of Doing.
me: yes.
B: Maybe even, DOING
me: that’s too enthusiastic.
Looking back, I can say without hesitation that 29 has been really great.  Read the rest of this entry »